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Influence is a powerful tool in moulding behaviours, characters and achieving a goal

what is influencing your life currently?

聽Who are you influencing?

聽What are the effects?

Your answer to the above questions will depend on who or what you interact with

Once you engage people frequently, they have a subtle influence in our lives

Thus, it is important to know the kind of people we interact with based on our personal goals

If you want to flourish in a particular field, interact with people who have the requisite knowledge and are capable of nurturing you to success

Interact with people who would have a positive impact on you 聽

The power of influence is so important it can make or unmake you

Associating with the wrong person can affect your progress in achieving your goal

Apart from interacting with people, you can be influenced through what you read or see

Read books that focus on what your goals are

Books are equally good avenues to explore if you want to be influenced

Make time to read books and watch documentaries on what your interests you

Influence as a tool would help shape your life and guide you progress

Make the right choice and know what influences your life

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  1. Jake
    5 months ago

    Books are equally good avenues..That’s so true馃憤

    1. Thank you

  2. mbahalain
    5 months ago

    Success depends on friends who you interact with that will make you succeed

    1. The people we keep around us plays a great role in what we become

  3. Reuben obour
    5 months ago


    1. Thank you

  4. bertillazuh
    5 months ago

    Many people today look up to other people for influence and that is really crazy because most of the people they look up to influence them negatively. I pray that this message goes far

    1. Amen my dear. Thank you so much

  5. Morita馃槍
    5 months ago

    Very important.Your influence is your circumference so we should choose carefully those we keep around us.

    1. Exactly. Thank you

  6. Laetitia Andin Fombon
    5 months ago

    Wonderful write up. I pray we don鈥檛 only get influenced by others but also consider what we are impacting on others as well. Beautiful write up Ms.

    1. Thank you mummy

  7. Kenan Ketu
    5 months ago

    Influence, an essential tool for leadership

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