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Everyone has a sad story buried within them: a sort of pain they are trying to bury.

They do all it takes to cover it

Sometimes, trying to cover up the pain only makes it worse

Why not turn your pain into something beneficial?

Tap into your pain.

Let the pain be a source of motivation for doing something good, to break the bars of shame and step into greatness.

聽Let those scars from your pain be a reminder for attaining success. Redesign those scars with gold and reach out for greatness

Do not let the pain weigh you down, you can overcome it

The beginning chapters of your life might not have been the best. However, you can change the narrative

You are the captain of your ship.

You cannot forsake your ship and allow wreckage to occur. That will definitely sink your ship.

If you are already sinking, call for help and get back to sailing in the right direction.聽

It is never too late assume the role of a captain in your ship because you can make it happen despite the pains.

All you have to do is tap into your pain and be motivated!

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  1. bertillazuh
    6 months ago

    Your pain shouldn’t define you but rather, it should be your motivation.

    1. Yes ohh
      This should always be a reminder to us

  2. Tatsa Emmanuel
    6 months ago

    Indeed we need to transform our pain into purpose. Thanks for the write-up Miss Mogen. More grace 馃檶

    1. Thank you so much for always making time to read

  3. ransankomah
    6 months ago

    i guess it鈥檚 true what they say鈥hat what doesn鈥檛 kill you makes you stronger

    1. Exactly

  4. Beatrice Bime
    6 months ago

    Great Dimitra. Keep the ink flowing and the thoughts coming.

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